Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thinking beyond

This recession time,lots of questions comes in our mind of what will be our life in the future,on how to make life better than the past.Since now,we have to be very practical of all the things we need and whatever opportunities comes up.One of my Aunt from Canada introduced me on how to make money while staying at home,my Aunt always convincing me to be a part of her business but I always refused to accept her offered for the reason that I'm still new here in the states,don't know how to drive by myself and I don't have enough knowledge about business.But few days ago, Aunt tried to convinced me again and she offered to registered myself in her business which is called Amway,so I accepted that great opportunity for me and all I have to do is spending effort of introducing Amway products to all my friends and convincing them to be a part of my business.I'm now an Independent Business Owner under SID Rup leadership in Toronto...to learn more about Amway please visit www.amway.com or feel free to send comments here in my page.Be a part of the business and be a part to this opportunities.

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